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At Digital Workbench, we’re realistic about the fact that there is competition in the space of workstations for laboratories, factories, cleanrooms, and workshops. However, how we operate our business, and the quality of the product and service we provide is what truly sets us head and shoulders above the rest.


It’s no secret that there are few places better suited to build quality goods than in North America. We build products tough, robust, and built to last. That’s why Digital Workbench insists that our workbenches are made in the land of hard work.


Here’s the deal: the way workbenches are sold today just isn’t cutting it. Despite all of the advances in technology, and all of the ingenuity used in developing workbenches, customers looking for a quality workbench usually have to put every detail together themselves. This leads to their workbench coming, in pieces, from different manufacturers with tons of different moving parts.

Digital Workbench decided that there has to be a better way to get a quality workbench. We took the needs of many different industries in mind to create unique premade workbench options. That means instead of spending hours poring over every minute detail of your workstation, you can easily point and click to see one of our pre-made platforms. From there, you can customize the bench as you see fit. This gives you a baseline from which to work.


Using one of our pre-made workbenches as a platform, our 3D builder allows you to visualize your workbench, and customize it. Rather than scrolling through a list of parts, sizes, and colors—we give you a user friendly visual representation of your desired workbench.

This builder is unique to the industry. We saw an opportunity to more easily connect our clients with their workbench concepts, and we ran with it.


When we created our unique platform, we did so with industry-specific features at the forefront. Digital Workbench’s intention is to take the guesswork out of which workbench will be optimal for your needs. By doing so, we’ve positioned ourselves to be a leader in the workbench business.

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