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At Digital Workbench, we work tirelessly to ensure our customer has the power in their hands. We’ve designed a platform in which our client can immediately see the difference in quality between our digital workbench, and our competitor’s.


Rest assured, all of our workbenches are made in North America.

We want to leave no doubt in our client’s mind that we are the best in the industry. Our values are based on providing peace of mind. That’s why we’re meticulous in our approach to designing the ultimate workstations.

Digital Workbench believes there is vast untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed. That’s why our company slogan is “Connect Your Work Potential”. However, we don’t want to stop at maximizing productivity and work quality, we also aim to outshine the whole Industry by providing the ultimate customer service experience.


Our customers trust that Digital Workbench won’t let them down in terms of quality, or customer service. Whether you’re a commercial operation, a large laboratory, or a DIY handyman, we treat each customer as family.

With that in mind, we’ve built our team on a foundation of fierce dedication to delivering customer service that you can depend on.


Each and everyone one of our pre-made workbenches is customizable. As you click on your desired workstation, you’ll be brought to our 3D configurator. This configurator allows you to customize size, color, and many other options for your workbench. You can also create your own workbench using tons of different parameters. We know not every job is the same, that’s why we’ve created our configurator. This allows our clients to quickly and easily conceptualize their workbench.


Productivity is key. At Digital Workbench, we believe that you’re leaving a lot of productivity on the table if you’re using outdated systems. We’ve designed our workbenches with productivity at their very core. Allowing the user to focus on the tasks that are important, while remaining digitally connected to all communication and electronic systems.


With a digital platform that ensures our customer knows exactly what they’re purchasing, fully customizable options, and a full guarantee of our products—Digital Workbench strives for full transparency. Our clients are important to us, that’s what we aim to build trust at the outset.

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