Digital WorkBench

Solid Maple Butcherblock

LisStat™ Static Dissipative Laminate was created to be perfectly suited for electronic production operations due to its anti-static properties.

Height: Custom order to ANY height desired. Adjustable legs are on the accessories page.

LisStat™ goes BEYOND ANSI/BIFMA, ESDI, GSA standards for electrical dissipation for static control—even at lower levels of humidity.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: In order to clean LisStat surfaces—use ammoniated detergent and rinse with water. NO wax, NO coatings—these may alter the electrically dissipative nature of the laminate.

All Digital Workbench ESD laminate products conduct static charge to the steel frame. Therefore, our benches ALL come with the contoured and ergonomic front edge system. We also install a ground wire in order to fully remove the static charge, sending it to ground, or an adjoining bench.

For your convenience, we have installed two wrist strap jacks above the front legs.

For the ultimate in static free, all of our bench tops have edges, and the undersides have the exact static control laminate as the worktop. We leave no stone unturned to ensure a safe and secure workplace.

For wet applications, see our stainless steel or resin tables.



1. Nevamar™ and LisStat™ ESD Laminates—these laminate systems both utilize a design that controls the dissipation rate of static. This allows all of our tables to meet and exceed all standards set forth by the ANSI/BIFMA and Federal GSA.

2. Armored Protection—exclusive to Nevamar, our Armored Protection system allows your laminate to last 10x longer than conventional laminate. This means LONG TERM abrasion and wear resistance which drastically increases the lifespan of your table.

3. Non-Conductive—Unfortunately, many of our competitors still use antiquated chemical baths which render their ESD laminate conductive. We do NOT. To put it simply: we have replaced hundreds of our competitors “ESD” top that have lost their ESD properties over time.

4. The UPSIDE of Aluminum Underside—We are the SOLE manufacturer of benches that seals our top’s underside with an aluminum sheet. Many other manufacturers leave the particleboard underside exposed, and simply use paint or a brown paper to cover it us. We use aluminum to COMPLETELY lock out humidity and moisture. This reduces warping and decreases a top’s ability to be conductive.

5. Multiple Grounds—Our ESD shelves ALL use our 180-degree laminate front edge. This allows us to direct static directly into our frame, then ground it via earth grounding via two conductors. Our competitors often proclaim “a very special bolt” used to ground their laminate to their ground wire system. We have completely done away with the bolt, and the wiring.

6. Digital Workbench ESD work benches are not mechanically or electrically connected to the floor. Our insulated floor guides enable static charges to only pass through our grounding system. This does not allow any inadvertent charges to pass through the work surface or operator.