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Customize Heavy Duty (6,700lbs), High Quality Workbench To Your Needs

Customize Stainless Steel /
Electropolished Workbench To Your Needs!

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Custom Built Stainless Steel / Electropolished Workbench (6,700lbs capacity) with Drawers & Adjustable Height


With Digital Workbench, you don’t have to choose between efficiency and exceptional sterilization. The Electropolished Series is perfect for laboratory and cleanroom workstations. Enjoy the same thoughtful design and premium construction as our Pro Series, but with a material upgrade. Electropolished stainless steel is incredibly easy to clean, and it holds up to harsh chlorine solutions.

Resist contamination with lower particle retention and peak surface smoothness. Unlike brushed steel, this surface is not coated, so it will never peel or decay. The bright, mirror-like workstation comes equipped with our best-selling accessories and integrated technology mounts. Connect your work potential with electropolished steel and a forward-thinking design.


We are elevating the Pro Series workstation with premium stainless steel. All of our laboratory workbenches are proudly made in North America with the highest quality materials. Stainless steel is easy to sanitize, rust-free, and naturally resistant to most chemicals, so it is the preferred choice for most labs and clean rooms.

At Digital Workbench, we create lab-ready designs that seamlessly integrate technology. Easily set up your monitor, computer, and keyboard with ergonomic mounts. Then, organize your workstation with plugins, stacked drawers, shelves, bin boxes, and more. This stainless-steel worktop is clean, clear, and well-lit by the overhead LED light bar.

We also offer Industrial Workbenches within the weight capacity of 15,000lbs or 20,000lbs.

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W Custom Workbench

W Fully Configured Metal Work Table

W Heavy Duty Steel Frame Workstation

W Work Table With Drawers

W Workbench With Reinforced Shelves

W Work Table With Roll Holders, Bin Rails, Pegboard

W Workbench with Storage

W Adjustable Height Of The Workbench

W Workstation With Monitor Mount, Keyboard Shelf & Computer Storage

W LED Overhead Light & Electric Plugs Available With Work Table

W Workbench With Heavy Duty Locking Wheels

W Perfect Workbench For All Kinds of Facility, Including: Warehouse, Industry or Laboratory

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