Digital WorkBench


Workbenches are the timeless staple of many industries—from manufacturing to science. It’s a concept as old as time. A simple surface on which to work. As archaic as that sounds, it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers of workbenches who are still living in the dark ages.


For many manufacturers, buyers have to sort through a written list of features they’d like in order to customize their workbench to suit their needs. That essentially means the onus is on the client to configure the workbench in their minds. Without a fairly imaginative brain, this can be an absurdly confusing process.



Here’s how it works: ‘s main focus is to be a clear and concise online store. This is done with clear and concise messaging and imagery—quality workbenches, easily customizable.

Digital Workbench accomplishes that goal in 2 ways:

  1. By offering distinct, industry specific workbenches, they make browsing for one simple.
  2. Their 3D customization platform allows for easily visualized design changes, on the fly. 



This exemplifies the emphasis that companies are putting on user experience these days. In 2021, if your website doesn’t have amazing, smooth UX and a clean interface—chances are they’re going to shop somewhere else. What Digital Workbench is doing lighting a fire of customer satisfaction under their competitors.

When a user clicks their desired premade setup, they’re brought to a 3d model of it. Here, they can customize things like color, size, and accessories. This makes buying customized workbenches as simple as it gets.