Digital WorkBench


It’s 2021. Just about every single industry there is—EVEN FOOD—has gone digital. To compete and interact in the modern age, every single facet of businesses have to be digital. From record keeping, to the actual transactions—everything is online.

There is one piece of equipment though, that has been a little resistant to change. That’s the classic workbench. The classic workbench has been around since ancient times. And, for many businesses, theirs haven’t evolved since then.

Industries like manufacturing, auto repair, science and medicine are all due for a serious workbench upgrade. It’s time to go digital.



It used to be that to order a workbench, the buyer would have to leaf through paper catalogues making a mental list of the features they might like to have on their workbench. From there, it evolved to an online catalogue. Frankly, there wasn’t much of a difference between the two in terms of convenience. I believe that’s where saw their opportunity.

Digital Workbench is a company that provides Made In North America, high-quality workbenches for just about every industry that might need them. What sets them above and beyond their competition is one simple word: convenience.

How Digital Workbench makes life easy for the workbench buyer is all on their website. What they’ve built is essentially a digital platform with 3D models, so you can see what your customized bench, and its features, look like in real time—as you’re browsing them.

For instance, say you’re looking at their “Stainless Steel Series”. This is a stainless steel workbench. Perfect for a cleanroom environment. When the client clicks on that stainless steel workbench, they’re offered accessories and options. Accessories like drawers, shelves, casters, lights, uprights, powerstrips, bin rails, and articulating accessories for computer monitors.

Now, when the user clicks on one of these accessories they’re able to see it on their chosen unit. This gives the client a real sense of the size, and the viability of each particular accessory. This, while commonplace in some markets, has not been common in the world of workbenches.



With the powerstrips and articulating accessories for computer monitors, it’s never been easier to run a business more effective right from a workbench. With Digital Workbench, now is the time to look at upgrading yours.