Digital WorkBench

Customize Heavy Duty (6,700lbs)
Workbench To Your Needs

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Custom Built Workbench. Heavy Duty Steel Workstation with Drawers & Adjustable Height


Plug into productivity. The Pro Series is fully configured and ready for your facility, warehouse, industry or laboratory. We’ve optimized this industrial workbench with drawers, reinforced shelving, roll holders, bin rails, pegboard, and more. Easily roll the balanced 16-gauge steel frame on heavy-duty locking wheels.

At Digital Workbench, our goal is to help you streamline and upgrade your workflow with the newest technology. The Pro workstation has an led overhead light, heavy-duty locking wheels, ergonomic monitor mount, keyboard shelf and computer storage with built-in cord management. Switch each row of plugins on and off independently for increased flexibility and safety.


W Custom Workbench

W Fully Configured Metal Work Table

W Heavy Duty Steel Frame Workstation

W Work Table With Drawers

W Workbench With Reinforced Shelves

W Work Table With Roll Holders, Bin Rails, Pegboard

W Workbench with Storage

W Adjustable Height Of The Workbench

W Workstation With Monitor Mount, Keyboard Shelf & Computer Storage

W LED Overhead Light & Electric Plugs Available With Work Table

W Workbench With Heavy Duty Locking Wheels

W Perfect Workbench For All Kinds of Facility, Including: Warehouse, Industry or Laboratory

Work Table Assembly Video