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Industrial Workbench with Drawers, Storage, Casters & More

Custom Industrial Workbench

Digital Workbench offers fully configured and ready industrial workbench for your facility, warehouse, or laboratory. The industrial workbenches can be customized with drawers, storages, reinforced shelving, roll holders, bin rails, pegboard, casters and more. Easily roll the balanced 16-gauge steel frame on heavy-duty locking wheels.

What makes Digital Workbench special is that we provide full customization option to fulfill your needs. Our industrial workbenches offer options to integrate many accessories. The industrial workbenches come in many different sizes. You let us know your needs and we will provide an instant quote.




W Fully Customizable Industrial Workbench

W Fully Configured Metal Work Table

W Heavy Duty Steel Frame Workbenches

W Industrial Work Bench With Drawers

W Workbench With Reinforced Shelves

W Work Table With Roll Holders, Bin Rails, Pegboard

W Industrial Workbenches with Storage

W Adjustable Height Of The Industrial Workbench

W Industrial Workstation With Monitor Mount, Keyboard Shelf & Computer Storage

W LED Overhead Light & Electric Plugs Available With Work Table

W Industrial Workbench With Casters – Heavy Duty Locking Wheels

W Perfect Workbench For All Kinds of Facility, Including: Warehouse, Industry or Laboratory

Heavy Duty Digital Workbench, capacity of 6,700 lb to 20,000 lb

Different Industrial Work bench Models

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Digital Workbench Testimonials

Finally organizing a proper home workbench solution. Looked at a bunch of online vendors and thought that Digital Workbench had the best selection at a competitive price. Ordered a 96" x 30" phenolic resin top. It took a few weeks but arrived in good order. I had to bring in the two strongest guys I know to carry it to its destination but once there screwing in the legs and flipping it over was easy (for them). It's gorgeous and I'm thrilled to have a place to work on projects that isn't the kitchen island. It sits under a 132" x 48" OmniWall steel pegboard which is also awesome.
Corey Mathers

Digital Workbench has been absolutely awesome to work with. Their product line offers a wide range of configurations/accessories/customization options that can cover any workspace need. Give them a call and they’ll work with you to turn your vision into a reality. I called and Sule helped me build a custom XL Pro Series Workbench! The product was delivered within 4 weeks. It was carefully packaged and arrived unscathed. The assembly process requires only a few steps. I had one question while assembling that Sule was able to answer for me quickly (regardless it was after hours)! The customer service has been top-notch! I am looking forward to adding accessories to my workbench in the future!

Jaeson Hall

Great experience ordering my work bench from their website. Very user-friendly and intuitive. After creating my custom workbench the site created a quotation with delivery and time of arrival which I was impressed with. I also got the opportunity to speak to their representative through the phone who also took the time to understand my business and need for the benches. Products were arrived in time with instructions on how to assemble. Overall great products, high-quality and durable. Will definitely be ordering more in the near future.
Massud Asgary

Industrial Workbench With Drawers

Digital Workbench offers industrial workbenches with many different Drawer options. There is option for three drawers, two drawers or one drawer on each side.

Industrial Work bench drawers are 14.5′ wide or 21″ wider. Length of the drawer from front to back is 20″. All drawers are 20″ Depth.

The stainless steel industrial work table drawers are made with 16 & 18 gauge steel. The industrial work bench drawers are powder painted to match the workstation. The drawers have Chromed Tumber Lock.

Industrial workbench by Digital Workbench. Custom Industrial Workbenches with casters, drawers, storages

Industrial Workbench With Storage

Digital Workbench offers industrial workbenches with many different Storage options. There are option for top shelf, middle shelf with vertical shelf divider options. Option to select shelf at the bottom as well. The work benches has drawers of different sizes.

Industrial workbench by Digital Workbench. Custom Industrial Workbenches with casters, drawers, storages

Industrial Workbench With Locking Caster Wheels

Industrial Workbenches can be customized with 4″ Urethane Locking Casters of your choice

  • Ball Bearings in Wheel Axle and Vertical Axis.
  • Locks Both Axis.
  • Quiet Soft Urethane Wheel Won’t Mark Floors.
  • All four Casters Swivel for Easy Steering.
  • 700 Pound Capacity (Per Set).
  • These Workbench Casters Add Approximately 5” to Workbench Height.
  • Adding these casters changes the work bench height range from 30″ – 36″ to 35″ – 41″.
Industrial workbench by Digital Workbench. Custom Industrial Workbenches with casters, drawers, storages
Locking Urethane Caster Wheels
Heavy Duty Locking Urethane Caster Wheels

What Makes Digital Workbenches Special

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quality Workbench

25 Years Warranty

Heavy Duty Workbench

6,700lb to 20,000lb capacity

High Quality Workbench

Balanced 16-gauge steel frame

Fully Customizable

Customize the Workbench to your needs

Fully Configured

Workbench Assembly in 20mins

Newest Technology

10-12 Days Shipping Promise

Easy and Customer friendly Return Policy

▣ Free and Unlimited Consultation Services

We will Analyse your Companies’ Requirements
Provide Detail Custom Made Solution According to your Needs.
Discounts on Custom Configurations (Available for a Limited Time)


The Pro Series is fully configured and ready for your facility, warehouse, industry or laboratory. We’ve optimized this industrial workbench with drawers, reinforced shelving, roll holders, bin rails, pegboard, led overhead light, heavy-duty locking wheels, ergonomic monitor mount, keyboard shelf and computer storage with built-in cord management. Easily roll the balanced 16-gauge steel frame on heavy-duty locking wheels. Book an appointment to know more about this industrial workbench!

HYDRAULIC SERIES Industrial Workbenches

Modernize your industry, warehouse or other facilities with a high-top worktable. This hydraulic workbench is highly ergonomic and flexible with up to 16 inches of height adjustment. Choose between an electric button system and traditional handle crank. Now your workers can adjust the proper table height in seconds. Improve efficiency with heavy-duty drawers, shelves, bin boxes, a pegboard, overhead LED lights, mounted monitor, computer tower, keyboard and many more features. Setup an appointment with our sales agent to customize your Hydraulic Workbench!

PACKAGING SERIES Industrial Workbenches

Looking for industrial workbench with storage? We designed the Packaging Series with all of the accessories that you need to improve ergonomic safety and efficiency. The Packaging Series is perfect for Industries, Warehouse and other facilities. It has ample storage from top to bottom, including box bins, roll holders, reinforced shelves, and more. Call our sales agent to customize your Packaging Series Workbench!

Stainless Steel & Electropolished INDUSTRIAL Work bench Series

 The Stainless Steel or Electropolished Series Workbench is perfect for industry, laboratory and cleanroom workstations. Easily set up your monitor, computer, and keyboard with ergonomic mounts. Then, organize your workstation with plugins, stacked drawers, shelves, bin boxes, and more. This stainless-steel worktop is clean, clear, and well-lit by the overhead LED light bar.

We also offer INDUSTRIAL workbenches within the weight capacity of 15,000lbs or 20,000lbs. Please contact us for more details

INDUSTRIAL Work Bench Assembly Video

Entire workbench including all accessories assembled in less than 20 min!
You don’t believe it? Watch the video for yourself!


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