Digital WorkBench

Solid Maple Butcherblock

There is nothing quite like the aesthetic appeal of butcherblock. At Digital Workbench, our Solid Maple Butcherblock top are crafted from 1-¾ true Maple hardwood. All of our butcherblock is dried using low heat over the course of a year in order to prevent warping and splitting. Strips of hardwood used for the butcherblock tops vary in width adding to the appeal and greatly increasing the strength of the top.

We keep over 500 of our Maple Butcherblock tops on hand at any given time—so we’re always able to fulfill large orders. Our blocks come directly from the mill in an unfinished form. Once received, we begin by sizing and sanding the tops. We then ensure all edges are rounded, then oil or lacquer finish them.

Lacquer finish is generally considered more beautiful and is great for offices. Oil finishes are less expensive and are typically used on high use butcherblock tops. Maple butcherblock tops with an oil finish are simply far easier to refinish, therefore are more convenient for tops that will be heavily used.

While many of our competitors use lesser quality woods (such as Ash, Alder, or combinations of lower quality wood), we always use the finest Maple available. Many of our competitors also cut corners, literally, by not rounding or finishing the edges of their tops. We ensure all of our tops are well finished.